Penguin Greeting Card

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Everyone flippin’ loves this cute Penguin Greeting Card!

Who doesn’t love penguins? Penguins are fun, cute little creatures, and watching them waddle around can make your heart melt. If you’re looking for a lovely, yet minimalistic piece of art to give as a gift, then look no further than this cute Penguin Greeting Card.

Kids Love Penguins – Many happy parents have sent us messages about how much their kids love this sweet card. The adorable, chubby and feathery appearance of these arctic birds is unique, and we love them for it!

Cute Minimalism – This print combines cuteness with minimalism in a way that doesn’t compromise on either. If you like the aesthetic of minimalistic art, yet you want someone that inspires some warm feeling, then this penguin image will give you the best of both worlds!

Have An Ice Birthday – Do you know someone who is really into cute things? Or perhaps you know a couple that’s expecting a child, and you want to give them some decoration for their nursery? Either way, this penguin greeting card would be the perfect gift! It will surely bring a smile upon their face when they take off the gift-wrapping and see the cute penguin greeting them.

 Size Card: 10x10cm, Envelope: 10.5x10.5cm
 Paper 300gsm recycled white board

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