Strong & Funny Positivity Badge

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Stay positive with our Strong and Funny Positivity Badge!

When life gets us down, we often quickly lose all motivation to do anything, and this is especially the case for children! Because children are still at a stage in their lives when they're looking a lot of new, useful stuff, it can become frustrating at times when things simply don't work out, especially with all the pressure put on them by society. We need to remind them about what they should strive to be and that they should remain positive through it all, as it will eventually get better!
This is precisely what our Positivity Badge is for; a constant reminder to stay strong and live with a little humour to get through the hard times!

It's Worth It – Children often don't realize it, but all the struggling is worth it in the end. For them to reach the goals they have in life, they need to stay strong, even if things may seem hopeless at times. As parents, we all want to give our children the strength and hope they need to topple any obstacle, but we can't always be around them. By giving them this badge, you'll always be there when they need you the most.

For All Children – Not only boys need to be strong, but also girls! This badge challenges the gender stereotypes people often associate with specific colours and character traits by making the background pink – a colour often related to femininity – and the characteristics on the badge "strong" and "funny" – character traits society usually expects boys to have.

Hang In There – Maybe you or your child knows someone else who needs a little positivity in their life. Give them this badge to show that you believe in them! Knowing that you're not alone can be one of the biggest motivators in life!

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