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Remember to stay positive with these Sun & Moon Prints

We all go through hard times in life. Whether our jobs add a lot of day-to-day stress, or we've lost a person close to us, life may seem hopeless from time to time.
This print was designed based on the idea that, even if the rest of the world may seem hopeless, we should bring hope into it ourselves.

The Sad Sun and Moon – The artist used the sun and moon to portray that even the best of us go through hard times. But no matter what, the sun and moon won't stop shining in the sky, and neither should you. Even if everything around you goes dark, remember to simply create your own light.

A Light In The Dark – If you feel like you're in the gutter, perhaps these prints will help you. They are a reminder that we need to stay healthy, no matter what. Even if you can't find the strength to stay strong for yourself, do it for those who love you. Even the sun doesn't stop shining when it's raining outside.

An Artistic Addition – These prints are a great addition to the decoration of your home. Whether you hang it in your master bedroom or your living room, the combination of colours make it suitable for any room.

 Size  21×29.7cm
 Paper stock  225gsm premium matt

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