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Picnic for two

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This print from Atelier Gelb is an exquisite statement piece for any room. It uses a clean, minimalistic style with simple lines without sacrificing beauty, which is typical of the Scandinavian art style.

The artist Laura Vidal got the inspiration for this piece when she was in the park on a sunny day with a friend for a picnic. Both their kids were playing while they had some time to catch up while being surrounded by nature, and this sense of tranquillity is what inspired the minimalistic approach to the design.

The image is divided into two by the picnic blanket. The lower layer portrays typical elements related to having a meal, which is often done with other members of the family, while the upper layer shows an open book. It reminds us that, even if we love spending time with our loved ones, we need to make time for ourselves. We often put the collective above the individual, making us neglect our personal needs. The imagery symbolizes that we must take care of ourselves and self-develop, which, as a consequence, allows us to be better guides for our children in life.

This unique, two-colour artwork is part of a limited edition collection; only 5 of them exist. Do not miss the opportunity to own such an exclusive piece.

Size  30×24cm
Paper  250gsm art paper, 100% cotton
Technique Two color screen print, limited edition of 5 prints.

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Atelier Gelb

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