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Vegetable Tattoos

8,00 €

Eat your veggies and wear them too with these temporary Vegetable Tattoos!

These lovely temporary tattoos designed by Green Kitchen Stories in collaboration with artist Penelope Dullaghan will leave you craving veggies. The tattoos are easy to apply, safe and non-toxic and last for 3 to 4 days on the skin.

Veggie Overload - Each package contains two sheets of tattoos so you can wear them and share them too. Each layer features 9 characters: sassy eggplant, strong broccoli, carrot, beetroot monster, sweet lemon, fresh smoothie, rainbow pancake and some more.

Great Fun At Birthdays – These super fun tattoo designs are ideal for birthday parties, gift bags and seasonal events like Halloween, Christmas and Easter. Everyone has their own personal tattoo, and they are easy to distribute and enjoy.

Easy To Apply – To apply these cute tattoos, first remove the plastic wrap and then apply them to the skin and soak the back of the paper with water. Hold it firmly on your skin and let sit for about 1 minute, then gently remove the paper. The tattoo lasts for about a week but can be washed with soap and water.

 Dimensions 10x15cm
 Weight 23g

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