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Gemma Palacio

Night Thoughts Notebook Pack


This pack of 3 notebooks is perfect to keep or to share with friends.

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Illustrated notebook with an illustration of flowers. Capture your dreams with the Night Thoughts Notebook.
Night Thoughts Notebook
x 3

Capture your dreams with the Night Thoughts Notebook Pack!

Did you know people dream about two hours every night? That means that, over your lifetime, you'll be dreaming for years! Wouldn't it be amazing to remember these dreams and to capture them somewhere? That's precisely what our Night Thoughts Notebook is for!

Living The Dream - Don't you just hate it when you wake up from a fantastic dream and don't remember it moments after waking up? Studies have shown that you can actually train yourself to remember your dreams better! By writing them down in your Night Thoughts Notebook immediately after waking up, your brain will learn that it needs to remember those dreams.

Not Just At Night – We don't just dream at night; whether it's becoming rich, building a family or getting your favourite car, we all have dreams. Use this notebook to write your goals down and think about how to achieve them!

The White Lily – The design was done by Gemma Palacio, who illustrated beautiful white lilies on the cover. In dreams, seeing white lilies could mean that your subconscious believes that it's time to act. It's time to make your dreams come true!


Size 14.8×10.5cm
Cover 300gsm smooth board
Inside 90gsm white plain paper
Pages 48 pages

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Gemma Palacio

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