Happy House Print


If you're looking for some decoration for your indoor playground, try this Happy House Print!

This lovely print is the perfect addition to your kids' personal playground! The happy house adds a playful component to their room, giving off a fun, lively feeling.

A Happy House – The illustration shows four cute figures in a house, and they're all happy! They remind us of what's most important in a family: Everyone should be happy! Our home is where our family is, and this should be the place where we can be ourselves and freely express ourselves. A place where we can play and let our guards down. You may also have noticed that the house doesn't have a door; instead, there is just a hole. It means that, at home, the door is always open for those who belong there. This is the atmosphere a parent should create for their children at home, and that's what inspired this beautiful print.

Learning Is Fun – This Happy House Print is not only fun to look at, but it can also help your child learn the shapes in a fun way! They can look at this picture together with their parents, who will teach them what the cute forms in the house are called. It's the perfect way to bond with your little angels.

Home Sweet Home – Make your own home or that of somebody else a happy home as well with this cute print. Let it remind you that our home is our happy place!

 Paper stock 225gsm premium matt

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